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13 women and children dead after falling into well in UP during a wedding

In a major tragedy in Uttar Pradesh’s Kushinagar, 13 people including women and children died after falling in a well today. Two people were seriously injured as well.

The accident happened the time when the marriage ritual were being performed. children and women were sitting on the slab of the well, which broke due to excessive weight and all fell into the well.

District Magistrate S Rajalingam told the media, “We have received information that 11 people have died and two others have been seriously injured after they accidentally fell into a well. This happened during a wedding programme where some people were sitting on a slab of a well and due to heavy load, the slab collapsed.”

Later, speaking to news agency ANI, Akhil Kumar, ADG, Gorakhpur zone, said the death count had climbed to 13. “The incident occurred last night around 8.30 pm in Nebua Naurangia, Kushinagar, during a wedding programme when some people were sitting on a slab covering a well. The slab broke under the weight,” Mr Kumar said.

Visuals from the hospital showed relatives, still in their wedding finery, mourning their loved ones lost in the tragedy.

The administration has announced that each to the next of kin of the deceased will receive Rs 4 lakh. The dead bodies have also been pulled out from the well.

The Prime Minister mourned in the incident.

The CMs office also posted a condolence message on the tragedy.



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