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‘BJP tried to defame Punjab and Punjabiyat’ Dr. Manmohan Singh

Ahead of the Punjab election on Sunday, ex-Prime Minister & Senior Congress leader Manmohan Singh today hit out at the BJP. Speaking in punjabi, he accused the BJP government of understanding nothing of Economic policies and said that the government had failed in its Foreign policy as well.

He also stated that China is sitting at India’s border yet the government is trying to suppress the information.

He further stated that relations do not improve on hugs, effort needs to be put into it. He also accused the BJP government working on the British policy of divide and rule.

“The PM’s post has a special stature”.

On the Economy, he further added that the rich are getting richer and the poor, poorer.

Dr. Manmohan Singh also accused the PM defaming Punjab CM Charanjit Singh Channi in the name of prime Minister’s security breach. He also said, “During the farmers’ agitation, too, an attempt was made to defame Punjab and Punjabiyat. The world salutes the bravery, patriotism and sacrifice of Punjabis, but the NDA government did not talk about any of this. As a true Indian from Punjab, all these things deeply hurt me,” he said.

Listen in to what Dr. Manmohan Singh said.



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