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5 tips to De-stress yourself before a goodnight sleep

For a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle, it is very important to maintain a healthy sleep cycle. However, in this hustle-bustle life, one barely gets any sleep, but this chaotic lifestyle can be harmful not only for your body but also for your mental health, in a long run.

So here are our best 5 tips that will help you de-stress before your bedtime and help you get a good, peaceful night.

  1. Nothing solid or liquid 30 min. before bed- It is always adviseable to have a light dinner, as the digestive enzyms work slower where you’re sleeping. Hence, to avoid any kind of discomfort or indigetion it is advisebale to not eat anything at least 30 min before your sleep time so that your body gets time to process your dinner. Similarly intaking any liquid after 30 mins. may cause you late night urination, which can again disturb your sound sleep.
  2. Simple walk or exercise can help- Some people do prefere a walk, light yoga or exercise before the bed time. This helps in relaxing your muslces. Do not over do the exersie but just enough which can help you make drowsy.
  3. Take a good bath- A long, warm bath is good for relaxing your body and releasing all the stress of the day. It not only cleanse the dirt but also helps in relaxing your muscles. You will feel rejuvinated and fresh before your bed time which will ease your mind.
  4. Make a journal- It is adviceable that for a good sleep you should read a light book or make a journal. Making a journal and jotting down the whole day on a piece of paper gives you a positive sense of achivement and protuctivity. One may not realise how productive their day was, noting down everything gives them time to reflect on their daily actions and put the mind at ease.
  5. NO’ cellphone- The worst habit your digital generation has developed is checking your social media befor bedtime. This is a big “NO” for anyone who is trying to achieve a goodnight sleep. The reletless scrolling is time consuming and not good for your mental or physical health. Hence try to avoid social media 30 mins. before you go to sleep and after you wake up for healthy lifestyle.

A disturbed sleep cycle for a very long time may lead to a serious health condition, It can be caused due to severe anxiety or depression. If you face insomnia on an extreme level you should consult a professional doctor.



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