Australia captain Alyssa Healy banks on WPL experience to counter Bangladesh conditions

Dhaka [Bangladesh]: Australia skipper Alyssa Healy believes that her team’s experience in the Women’s Premier League (WPL) would serve them well in the next series against Bangladesh, which is expected to be played on fields similar to those used in the league.

Australia will take part in a three-game ODI series against Bangladesh with the first match taking place on Thursday at the Shere Bangla National Stadium.

Speaking ahead of the next ODI series against Bangladesh, Australia women’s team skipper Healy predicted that the lessons acquired from the recently ended Women’s Premier League (WPL) in India will help her squad in Bangladesh.

Up to ten Australian players from the ODI team for the Bangladesh series competed in the WPL. Healy noted that playing on slow courses in India may be favourable for Australia.

“Having that knowledge and experience, in particular coming from the WPL, the Delhi wicket, in particular, was a little bit low and a little bit slow which doesn’t traditionally suit an Australian batting line-up,” Healy said as quoted by ICC.

“I think there is enough experience within our group and enough communication in particular, to make sure that we’re adapting to those conditions and still being able to score runs when they don’t quite suit us,” she added.

“The nature of modern-day cricket is that you’re constantly jumping from tournament to international cricket, and vice versa. So I’d say to an extent, it’s somewhat of an advantage coming from playing cricket,” Australia captain said.

Bangladesh have only encountered Australia three times in international cricket, and all of these matches have been in ICC events. Healy saw the approaching trip as a unique chance for her group.

“For the majority (of our squad), it is for the very first time to get the opportunity to play against the Bangladesh team, which outside of World Cups is a very rare thing for us. So it’s an exciting opportunity for our group,” she added.

Bangladesh’s recent record has been impressive, with ODI victories against South Africa and New Zealand, as well as wins and draws in ODI series against Pakistan (2-1) and India (1-1).

Healy noted that her team was not taking Bangladesh lightly, and considered that they might pose a significant threat under such conditions.

“I think if you look at their squad as a whole, they possess a lot of skill within their bowling attack. I think a lot of spin which is quite noticeable, a real challenge for teams not from the subcontinent,” Healy said.

“Watching a little bit of the series they played recently against India in these conditions, they made it really challenging for that Indian batting line-up. I think Bangladesh poses a real threat to a lot of teams within the ODI Women’s Championship in particular. They have fought their way into it and they’ve got the opportunity now to play against the top nations in the world, which I think is a great thing for our sport,” she added. 

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