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Biden sends 3,000 troops to Eastern Europe Amidst Ukraine Russia tension

Amidst soaring tension between Ukraine- Russia, America has intervened by sending 3,000 troops to Eastern Europe, on Wednesday. Claiming it is a “defensive step” towards Russia’s expansionist strategy.

In order to protect the interest of Eastern NATO countries, roughly 1,000 personnel based in Germany will move to Romania. Another 2,000 will depart shortly from fort Bragg military base in North Carolina. Out of these 1,700 members from the 82nd airborne division will go to Poland and 300 members from the 18th airborne corps will go to Germany.

While addressing a press conference pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said, “the newly deployed troops are going under bilateral arrangement with Germany, Poland, and Romania, and they will remain under US control. “I want to be very clear about something: these are not a permanent move. Moreover, these forces are not going to fight in Ukraine. They are going to ensure the robust defence of our nato allies,” Kirby said.

This step was taken soon after diplomatic efforts between Ukraine, Russia and international leaders took place and following Russian President Vladimir Putin saying on Tuesday that the US and its allies are “using Ukraine as a tool to contain Russia,” AFP reports.

Meanwhile, condemning this step, Russia’s ambassador in US Anatoly Antonov said, “It’s nothing but chaos, will create instability and loss of lives. It’s just another of their ‘bloody experiment’ to bring democracy like in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.”



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