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Cannes 2023: Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson Lit Up Red Carpet With Their Dance

Cannes [France]: The ongoing 76th edition of the Cannes Film Festival turned special for Tom Hanks’ fans as the star arrived at the gala in full swag.

His film ‘Asteroid City’ had a world premiere on Tuesday night and he hit the red carpet with his wife Rita Wilson. The two literally served couple goals at the red carpet as the duo did a little dance together. The adorable moment was captured by Variety. The couple was twinning in black.

Tom’s co-stars Steve Carell, Scarlet Johansson, Jason Schwartzman were also in attendance at Cannes 2023.

Donning a cropped black wig and always swilling a martini, Johansson fit perfectly in Anderson’s Americana milieu. Male lead Schwartzman earned laughs as an awkward war photographer grieving his late wife and herding three young daughters and a brainiac son, Variety reported.

Wes Anderson’s ‘Asteroid City’ project tells of a desert tourist trap that was one the sites of an asteroid landing, which also doubles as the location of an annual camp for “stargazers and space cadets.” The conceit is a story-within-a-story, as the cast plays a troupe of actors and stage crew for a play.

The events taking place in Asteroid City are part of the play within a play, written by Norton and narrated by Bryan Cranston. The film’s actors play characters stranded in the desert after an alien invasion in the primary story, and are also shown as actors cast to play those roles in a larger story outside the play.

“I’m so pleased to show the movie for the first time. We’ve never seen it before ourselves. Thank you to our cast of stupendous actors playing actors,” Anderson told the crowd at the Palais.



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