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Do not politicise #OperationGanga: Former PM Devegowda

On Monday, former Prime Minister H.D Devegowda took on Twitter to urge the political parties to not politicise the ongoing evacuation process in Ukraine, #OperationGanga. He urged all the parties to cooperate and not “demoralize that conducting the operation.”

Condemning the attempt to score political points by parties at this moment, he said, “I know from experience that these operations can be tough and delicate. Let us not politicise the evacuation process. It will demoralise those conducting the operation. Scoring points at this hour of crisis will make us look bad. Let us work together.”

While calling the whole situation ‘heart-wrenching’ Devegowda said, “I have been watching videos of our young citizens stranded in Ukraine making fervent pleas for evacuation. It is heart-wrenching to see their plight. I can understand their desperation to get back home safely. But when a war is raging in that country and there is so much uncertainty on the ground, and when operational links are broken, it is only fair that we support our officers and embassies to focus on the job at hand.”

Belonging to Janata Dal (Secular) and MP of Rajya Sabha, H.D Devegowda was the 11th prime minister of India from 1 June 1996 to 21 April 1997. He was previously the 14th Chief Minister of Karnataka from 1994 to 1996



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