Dutch PM Rutte resigns, calls cabinet fall “irreconcilable”

The Hague [Netherlands]: After days of bickering and the collapse of the ruling coalition, after the partners failed to agree on a stricter asylum policy, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte submitted his resignation on Friday night, reported

The decision of the Netherlands’ longest-serving premier means that the country is ready to see a general election later this year for the 150-seat lower house of Parliament.

The outgoing PM offered his resignation and of all ministers and state secretaries to King Willem-Alexander. He will meet the king on Saturday and explain the reasons that prompted the move, reported, a Dutch online newspaper.

Rutte, while addressing a press conference at The Hague, said, “It is no secret that the coalition partners have very different views on migration policy. And today, unfortunately, we have to draw the conclusion that those differences are irreconcilable. That is why I will immediately…offer the resignation of the entire Cabinet to the king in writing.”

On why this issue, in particular, will lead to new elections, he said, “Asylum policy is an important subject if you ask people. In addition to the war in Ukraine, it is an important subject. We think it is important to steer it in the right direction.”

Rutte’s coalition government, the fourth he has led, assumed office in January 2022 after the largest coalition negotiants in Dutch political history.Rutte remains at the head of the outgoing cabinet. He, therefore, becomes the outgoing prime minister, reported.

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