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FATF will decide the future of Pakistan in Paris

Efforts by Pakistan to investigate and prosecute leaders of UN-designated terror organisations in order to combat terror financing will be evaluated at the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) sessions, which began in Paris on Monday.

FATF’s working group and plenary sessions will continue until March 4, after which the multinational financial watchdog will announce whether Pakistan will be kept on the grey list, or the list of nations subject to heightened scrutiny, to which it was added in mid-2018. FATF has urged Pakistan to do more to investigate and prosecute leaders and commanders of UN-listed terrorist groups involved in terror financing following a meeting in October last year.

Experts predict that Pakistan will remain on the grey list, with minimal chance of being added to the “black list,” which would entail heavy economic sanctions and increased scrutiny of financial transactions. The black list currently only includes North Korea and Iran.



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