Saturday, June 3, 2023
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Harish Rawat hits out at Amit Shah on his comment- Yeh Dhobi Ka …..

Harish Rawat, Congress veteran and party campaign incharge for Uttarakhand, on Sunday hit out at Union Home Minister Amit Shah for “abusing an Uttarakhandi”.

“What is the meaning of abusing an Uttarakhandi, Mr Amit Shah? Your words are a reflection of your narrow thinking about the people of the state. I am a worshipper of Lord Bhairav. I will do whatever it takes to protect my state and its culture,” Rawat tweeted.

Harish Rawat posted a video of Shah who is heard saying, “Yeh dhobi kaa…na ghar kaa na ghat ka.”

Rawat posted his video message on Twitter saying, “Yesterday, Amit Shahji used words for me in my home town….All I want to say is if the state’s interests are compromised I will not only bark, I will also bite.”



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