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Special court convicts 31 in Godhra train burning case

Contact information of the designated officials of the company who are responsible for assisting and handling investor grievances:-

Company Secretary & Compliance Officer

Broadcast Initiatives Limited

Corp. Off.: 1st Floor, Vega Centre, A-Building,

Shankarseth Road, Next to Income Tax Office,

Swargate, Pune- 411 037

Tel.: 020-41255313 / 020-49012304


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  1. Dinesh says:

    Black Day for CONGRESS:- 1] GODHRA – Indirectly it proved that Congress plays Communal Card on Godhra as always, to get Minority Votes. 2] JPC:- Directly proves that UPA-2 was involved in Corruption and has to agree JPC on Public outcry. On both cases Citizens were loosers, but Corrupt and Greedy Politicians cooked their BREAD on it. So called smart spokesperson’s thrown spits now boomerang on them. LALU played as mouth piece to bash Modi but today he is also a looser.

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