Israel: PMO suspends government spokesperson Eylon Levy

Tel Aviv [Israel]: Israeli government spokesperson, Eylon Levy was suspended by the Prime Minister’s Office on Tuesday, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Although the reason for his removal was not mentioned, several local media outlets reported that it was in connection with his response to British Foreign Secretary, David Cameron on social media platform X regarding the humanitarian concern in Gaza.

Earlier this month, Levy responded to a tweet by Cameron in which the foreign secretary said that he had told Israeli minister-without-portfolio, Benny Gantz that Israel must increase humanitarian aid to Gaza.
Levy wrote, “If it were possible to have a pause to get the hostages out, we would obviously have grabbed it with both hands. Hamas must be pressured to back down from its delusional demands.”

“It is factually incorrect that the flow of aid has not increased. Last week, we had a record 277 trucks. Over the past 2 weeks, there have been nearly 50 per cent MORE food trucks entering compared with before the war. Israel’s crossings have excess capacity and if the UK wants more aid to enter Gaza, it should send it and we’ll make sure it gets in,” he added.

Following this, the British Foreign Office reportedly requested clarification after the tweet was published, saying that they were “surprised” by the tweets “given the constructive dialogue between the countries,” the Jerusalem Post reported.

It further reported, citing an earlier N12 report, that PM Netanyahu’s wife, Sara Netanyahu, tried to have Levy removed from his role for his alleged participation in the Israeli judicial reform protests.

Levy reportedly published tweets at the time supporting protests against the judicial reform being promoted by PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s government. The report sparked outrage among both supporters and opponents of the government at the time, including members of the Likud party, the Jerusalem Post reported.
Levy had previously served as an international media advisor to President Isaac Herzog.

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