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Justin Trudeau says Crisis is over, revokes the Emergency act

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday pronounced that the crisis is over, therefore he removed emergency powers used to dislodge weeks-long trucker-led protests in Ottawa and blockades of border crossings to the United States.

“Today, we’re ready to confirm that the situation is no longer an emergency,” the prime minister told a news conference. “Therefore, the federal government will be ending the use of the emergencies act.”

“The threat continues,” Trudeau said, but added it is no longer “acute.”

Thousands of demonstrators, organised by truck drivers outraged over Covid-19 immunisation rules for transporting freight across the border with the United States, gathered on Ottawa for weeks, putting Canada in the international limelight.

Truckers and their supporters also blocked a bridge connecting Windsor, Canada, and Detroit, Michigan, for days, halting a vital trade route for industry, including automobile manufacture.



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