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Kangana- Shabana Azmi clashes over Hijab Row

The ongoing Hijab row has now become a hot topic of national debate. Emerging from the small district of Udupi Karnataka, this matter has now attracted national and international attention.

Now Bollywood celebrities are facing each other and locking horns on social media over this dispute. The matter of concern is women and their choice v/s rule and uniformity. Liberal lyricist and poet Javed Akhtar on his social media leader his stand that ‘he is still against the orthodox tradition of Burqa and Parda, however, he also opposes the hooligans in saffron shawls who are intimidating young girls for their choice of clothing.

After this Kangana Ranaut took a dig on Akhtar and targeted him on her Instagram account without taking any names. She said, “If you want to show courage, show it by not wearing burqa in Afghanistan. Learn to break free, not cage yourself.”

After which actress and activist Shabana Azmi, Javed Akhtar’s wife tagged Ranaut’s status and said, “Correct me if I’m wrong but Afghanistan is a theocratic state and when I last checked India was a secular democratic republic ?!!”

Earlier, BJP MP and veteran actress Hema Malini urged the students to practice their religion at home and follow the uniform rule in schools. While Bollywood actress and style icon Sonam Kapoor supported the girls in Burqa saying, “clothing should be a personal choice of a woman.”

The matter escalated when six students in Hijab were denied entry into Udupi’s government college on the pretext of violating uniform regulations as they were wearing Hijabs. Now the matter is sub judice in front of the Karnataka High court.



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