Kejriwal putting AAP workers in govt jobs, alleges BJP

New Delhi (India): BJP Rajya Sabha MP Sudhanshu Trivedi on Saturday lashed out at the Arvind Kejriwal government in the national capital, claiming that the ruling Aam Aadmi Party, which was already facing multiple charges in the Delhi excise policy scam, were recruiting party workers in government posts.

At a joint press conference with the BJP’s Delhi chief, Virendraa Sachdeva, on Saturday, Trivedi said, “AAP workers are being recruited in government positions. And, in a bid to return the favour, these workers are using their government posts to extend benefits to Kejriwal’s party.

The CM, who has used public money to build a palace for himself, is now helping party workers earn lakhs.” The BJP leader claimed further that many AAP workers had started taking down their social media accounts fearing that the benefits that they are extending to the ruling party by holding government jobs and drawing far paychecks will become public knowledge.

“This is the same party, which, in an affidavit said, they would neither move into government bugalows nor use laal-batti (official vechicles with beacons). Now, they are misusing government funds. The character of no other party has transformed for the worse, as much as AAP’s,” the BJP MP said.

The BJP’s Delhi chief, Sachdeva said, “The Lieutenant Governor of Delhi has revoked nearly 437 recruitments (by AAP government). The first list had 116 people and when we started gathering more information about them, they started deleting their social media accounts as they feared that their misdeeds would become public knowledge.

These people are holding cushy government jobs and earning lakhs, and, a cut of their earnings are going to the AAP.”

“I would like to ask Arvind Kejriwal — did you take constitutional approval before giving them (AAP workers) jobs? The Delhi government cannot give jobs without permission from the appropriate authority. You will find corruption in all the departments under the AAP. We demand an immediate inquiry in this matter.”

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