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NSE Case-Chitra’s Siddha Purush turns out to be her number#2 Anand Subramanian

Former National Stock Exchange (NSE) chief Chitra Ramkrishna’s ‘spiritual yogi’ turns out to be none other than her number#2 and former Chief Operating Officer of the NSE, Anand Subramanian according to sources.

The Himalayan Yogi who’s spiritual powers did not require him to have any physical co-ordinates and who appeared and disappeared at will, influenced many of her professional decisions during Ms. Chitra Ramkrishna tenure.

These include hiring Anand Subramanian at such a senior position without any proper experience in the finance sector and approving salary and compensation of more than Rs 4 crore per annum, much higher than most of the seniors at NSE.

Subramanian was first appointed as Chief Strategic Adviser in the NSE in 2013 and then promoted as Group Operating Officer in 2015 by Chitra Ramkrishna. In 2016, he left NSE over allegations of irregularities.

Anand Subramanian was revealed to be the yogi through an email id, the CBI says. The agency said it had evidence that Subramanian created the mail id

Subramanian was questioned by the CBI for four days last week. He was arrested in Chennai on Thursday.

“Subramanian didn’t cooperate with the questioning; he gave evasive answers,” said the CBI sources.

Chitra Ramkrishna is under investigation for allegedly sharing confidential information with the “yogi”, who now turns out to be her aide.

Ms Ramkrishna’s response to SEBI on her bizarre dependence on the yogi was equally outlandish.

When she was asked how, living in the Himalayas, the yogi could have accessed emails and corresponded regularly. “To the best of my knowledge, their spiritual powers do not require them to have any such physical co-ordinates,” she replied.

Calling him a “spiritual force”, she told SEBI: “I met Him for the first time on the banks of the Ganges nearly 20 years ago directly. Subsequently, over the years I have taken his guidance on many personal and professional matters. Along the way, since He would manifest at will and I did not have any locational co-ordinates I requested Him for a way in which I could seek His guidance whenever I felt the need. Accordingly, He gave me an id on which I could send my requests.”

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Shared info. with ‘Siddha Purush’-Ex CEO NSE Chitra Ramakrishna



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