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Pakistan skips UNGA emergency session

Pakistan skipped the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) emergency session called to discuss the Ukraine crisis. Pakistan is already grappling with a severe economic crisis and amidst this, it is in a dilemma as it has to consider its relations with the US and EU, as well as not jeopardising ties with Russia while the pressure in the days to come will mount, especially if the crisis drags on, the Dawn reported.

Representatives of foreign missions in Pakistan, mostly belonging to the Western camp, have called on this country to condemn the Russian invasion in a joint letter.
Pakistan will have to carefully and intelligently navigate the choppy waters ahead by condemning the aggression, while at the same time refusing to be drawn into bloc politics as geopolitical changes occur with incredible swiftness.

Pakistan abstained at the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday in the 11th emergency special session and fourth plenary meeting on the ongoing Russian military operation in Ukraine.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres termed this “escalating violence … totally unacceptable”. Pakistan abstained from voting, so did India, however, India made sure to participate in the UNGA discussions, reported Dawn.

However, apart from this, it is also Pakistan’s responsibility to condemn ‘the invasion’ of a sovereign country. The country should be calling for a cessation of hostilities.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has mentioned the Ukraine crisis during his address to the nation on Monday night. He displayed his intent to import Russian wheat and gas, thus implying that this country should not get on Moscow’s wrong side.

It is necessary to maintain and balance political, strategic and economic relations. However, any country’s moral imperatives cannot be forgotten, reported the newspaper.

Members of the Western bloc have responded to the Russian invasion with schemes to isolate Moscow from the international order. Pakistan, on the other hand, will have to navigate these choppy waters cautiously.



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