Presumed Human Remains Recovered From Wreckage Of Titan Submersible: US Coast Guard

Washington DC (US): Presumed human remains have been recovered from the wreckage of the Titan submersible, the US Coast Guard has said, CNN reported.

The announcement comes nearly a week after authorities determined that the Titanic-bound vessel had imploded in the North Atlantic, killing all five men aboard. The Coast Guard said that US medical professionals will analyse the presumed remains.

Earlier on Wednesday, huge pieces of the submersible were hoisted onto a Canadian pier.
A white panel-like piece, taller than the two men guiding it onto land, and another similarly sized part with cords and wires draped with a white tarp were taken off the anchor, as per CNN.

It was not immediately clear what the pieces are. Titan was made of carbon fibre and titanium and weighed 23,000 pounds, with room for only five adults, according to OceanGate, which operated the craft as part of its offering for extreme tourists to get close to the century-old wreckage of the Titanic for USD 250,000 per person.

Pelagic Research Services, the company that owns the remotely operated vehicles that brought Titan’s remains to the surface, for now, has “successfully completed” the offshore work and Wednesday morning was “in the process of demobilization from the Horizon Arctic,” which owns the ships, it told CNN.

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