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Sexual Harassment and cybercrime: Challenges of workplace

Union Law Secretary Anoop Kumar Mendiratta during a workshop on Sexual Harassment at the workplace said it will be difficult to change the attitude of the system unless women themselves come out against sexual abuse in workplaces.

In his address to officials of the department of legal affairs, Mendiratta said that cybercrime has opened a whole new way of sexual harassment while violating fundamental rights under articles 14 and 21.

“There are various challenges attached to it and the first step entails talking and writing the incident/ complaint to the complaints committee,” said Mendiratta.

During the workshop on the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace, Aishwarya Bhati, Additional Solicitor General of India threw a limelight on the Bhawani Devi case and the way the Vishakha PIL was filed in the Supreme Court reiterating that “Patriarchy has no gender.”

Sexual Harassment at the workplace gained a substantial legal hold during the 1997 Vishakha and Other V/S states of Rajasthan, in which the apex court state guidelines to prevent sexual harassment at the workplace.



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