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Shared info. with ‘Siddha Purush’-Ex CEO NSE Chitra Ramakrishna

The Centre is likely to order a probe into charges that former CEO & MD of NSE Chitra Ramkrishna shared confidential information about the stock exchange with a mysterious person, whom she called a Siddha-Purush – without a physical persona who lived in the Himalayas and communicated with her only through email.

Ms Ramkrishna, was CEO and Managing Director of NSE from 2013 to 2016 before she quit for “personal reasons”.

The central agency has also posted notices against Ms Ramkrishna, former COO Anand Subramaniam, and her predecessor Ravi Narayan, to stop them from leaving the country.

Market regulator Sebi, while investigating an alleged co-location scam by NSE, stumbled upon emails exchanged between Ramkrishna and the mystery baba.

Forensic examination of Ramkrishna’s computer by Ernst & Young revealed emails from the so-called Siddha Purush advising her several matters including operational, appointments on key posts and sharing of confidential plans and projections.

Ramkrishna said she met the Siddha-Purush on the banks of river Ganga 20 years ago and he gave her no locational co-ordinates but she took his guidance on many personal and professional matters.

She said, “Their spiritual powers do not require them to have any such physical co-ordinates. Along the way, he would manifest at will and I did not have any locational co-ordinates, I requested Him for a way in which I could seek His guidance whenever I felt the need. Accordingly, He gave me an id on which I could send my requests.”

the government has rubbished these claims and have said emails recovered during investigation prima facie establish a criminal conduct on her part, and an investigation would be initiated to establish the identity of the mysterious person as the matter concerns financial security of the country.



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