Shouldn’t Give Press Briefs On Regular Basis, Shouldn’t Speak Politics: TN BJP Chief Annamalai’s Word Of Advice To Governors

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India]: The BJP’s Tamil Nadu president K Annamalai on Wednesday advised governors to refrain from giving press briefings on a regular basis, adding that they should not speak on politics as it “would set the wrong precedent”.

To a question why Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi seldom meets the press while his Telangana counterpart Tamilisai Soundarrajan addresses regular press conferences, Annamalai said, “If Tamil Nadu Governor meets the press no person will be happier than me because he would expose the (ruling) DMK.

But he should not address the press. A governor should not talk politics as it sets the wrong precedent. A governor should only discharge his or her duty, as mandated by the Constitution. Even if I was from the ruling party, I would have advised the governor not to talk politics as it sets the wrong precedent.

Once a year or in six months, they can give interviews to print media. That is okay. That is how it was and that is how it should be. I don’t want to comment about other governors.

It’s their style of functioning.” The BJP’s state chief said further if the governor has a genuine criticism then he should speak in the Legislative Assembly, adding that regular press briefings will make his position ‘meaningless’.

“Even our party cadres ask why the governor doesn’t meet the press. I would say it sets a wrong precedence. There is a difference between the BJP’s criticism of the DMK and that of the governor. If the governor has genuine criticism (against the government), he should articulate his views in the Assembly.

Meeting the press on a regular basis will make the governor’s position meaningless. We are in the Opposition and will criticise them (the DMK) in the people’s forum. Though it (governor making public statements against the government) would help us, it would also set the wrong precedent”.

On the ruling DMK putting up posters demanding answers from the governor over his recent actions, the BJP state chief said, “We have to understand one thing — if the DMK expects an answer from the governor for everything, where would it lead us to? Will the Tamil Nadu government accept if the governor meets the press on a regular basis and brief them about their rule? They won’t accept it.

A governor is not a politician. If DMK wants answers from the governor, we will also write to him asking him to meet the press at Raj Bhavan on a regular basis. Is the DMK ready for that? He should not speak to the press as that would set a wrong example.”

On the Uniform Civil Code (UCC), the BJP leader said those opposing the proposed legislation, will understand the need for it in the coming days. He urged all parties to come out in support of the UCC in the interest of safeguarding the country’s unity.

“Each party could have a different opinion on Uniform Civil Code, which is fair. For instance, the BJP supports a three-language policy and the New Education Policy whereas the AIADMK supports a two-language policy.

I believe those opposing the Uniform Civil Code would come to understand why it’s necessary in the coming days. The UCC will be just and fair for both the Muslim and Christian communities. In the coming days, the views opposing this legislation will change. All parties together should support the Uniform Civil Code for India’s unity,” Annamalai said.

The BJP state chief, meanwhile, attended a mass marriage at Thindivanam in Villupuram district. As many as 39 marriages were organised under the same roof at the event.

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