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South Delhi Municipal school bans religious attire in schools

On Friday, the Education Committee of South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) schools have circulated a letter to education department officials urging them to ensure that no one is coming in any religious attire and asked to ensure that all are following the proper uniform code in educational institutes.

In a letter written to the education department, by SDMC’s Education Committee Chairperson Nitika Sharma, further mentioned that attending classes wearing religious attire will instil a sense of inequality among students.

During an interview with PTI Sharma mentioned, “I have asked the director of education in SDMC to direct zonal officials to ensure that students do not come to schools in religious attire as it creates differences and inequality among students.”

Further adding to this she said, “There is a proper dress code decided for SDMC schools and students should follow that. Every year we provide school uniforms to students for free so they should wear that only instead of religious attire while coming to schools.”

This letter was circulated after a complaint registered by a parent in the Tukhmirpur area of northeast Delhi alleged that her daughter was asked by a teacher at the government school to remove her headscarf.

However, Sharma clarified that students will be allowed to wear religious attire at festivals and for fancy dress competitions. This move is to just ensure that students feel equal when they are in schools according to her.

This whole debate around schools and uniforms emerged after the Karnataka Hijab row which is still pending in Karnataka High Court.



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