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Taliban takes part in Twitter Spaces debates

On any given day, members of the Afghan diaspora, important social media influencers, former officials, members of the new Taliban government and its supporters, and some Afghans in the nation host multiple Spaces on Twitter.

The arguments cover topics such as who is to blame for the country’s current economic problems, how the war was lost, and the Taliban’s return and new policies. There are even chat rooms where viewers may enjoy live traditional music, read their favourite poems, and discuss their favourite Afghan delicacies.

“I wish we had started these discussions 10 years ago,” said Sahraa Karimi, former director of Afghan Film, a state-run production company, who sometimes participates in Twitter Spaces from Italy. She added that these forums provided “an opportunity to talk about issues that were never discussed.”

The internet was unavailable in Afghanistan during the group’s first regime, which ruled in the 1990s, while television and cassette tapes were prohibited. However, the new Taliban leadership has embraced social media and pushed its officials to participate more actively in online forums like as Spaces.



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