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‘Tree Ambulance’ Initiative To Protect Trees In Udaipur

Udaipur (Rajasthan) [India]: To protect Udaipur’s biodiversity ‘Tree Ambulance’ service has turned into a mission as more than five thousand trees have been planted and getting care with the help of the vehicle.

A ‘Tree Ambulance’ is an initiative started by Namokar Seva Sanstha. The campaign started five years ago by Mukesh Jain with 35 members has now turned into a family of 750 members who take care of all the trees planted across the city by sprinkling water and rescuing the dying trees.

Mukesh Jain, president of Namokar Seva Sanstha, said ‘Tree Ambulance’ is a customised vehicle equipped with all the necessary arrangements like insecticides, water tanks, and machines to drill holes to protect a dying tree.

A crew of six people board the vehicle which reaches the spot after getting information regarding a plant needing treatment or rescue. There is a complete schedule under which the volunteers of the organisation operate, five days are for plantation and two days are for taking care of the trees.



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