Ukrainian President Says He’s Afraid To Lose Bipartisan Support From US

Kyiv [Ukraine]: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said he’s afraid to lose bipartisan support from the United States, following what he called “dangerous messages coming from some Republicans”, CNN reported.

Zelenskyy in a news conference with Spanish media in Kyiv on Saturday, said: “Mike Pence has visited us, and he supports Ukraine. First of all, as an American, and then as a Republican.”

“We have bipartisan support. However, there are different messages in their circles regarding support for Ukraine. There are messages coming from some Republicans, sometimes dangerous messages, that there may be less support,” he said.

The Ukrainian President said that regardless of who wins the next US Presidential election, maintaining bipartisan support is “the most important thing for Ukraine.”

During the same news conference, Zelenskyy was asked if he fears for his own life, to which he replied that he thinks “it is more dangerous for Putin” due to the Russian president’s growing number of international adversaries.

Meanwhile, Russia launched an overnight drone attack on Kyiv on Saturday, after a 12-day break, a senior Ukrainian military official said, Al Jazeera reported.

“Another enemy attack on Kyiv,” Al Jazeera quoted Serhiy Popko, a colonel general who heads Kyiv’s military administration, saying in a post on the Telegram channel early on Sunday.

“At this moment, there is no information about possible casualties or damage,” he said.
The attack came a day after Ukrainian officials reported more civilian casualties from Russian shelling in the country’s east and south.

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