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40 Pc Of Chinese People Infected With Covid In Last Month


Beijing [China]: As many as 40 per cent of the Chinese population was infected by COVID-19 over the past month amid the rising number of cases in the country, Asia Times reported, citing medical experts.

Chinese epidemiologist Zeng Guang said as most Chinese cities reported that 50 per cent of their people had tested positive, it was reasonable to estimate that about 40 per cent of the country’s population on average could have been infected, the Hong Kong-based English news outlet reported.

It is very difficult to calculate the death rate of the current pandemic, according to Liang Wannian, a Chinese epidemiologist and the former head of the Chinese National Health Commission’s Covid Response Expert Team. The Chinese epidemiologist said an accurate figure will be available only after this pandemic ends.

According to an internal document of the Chinese CDC, 248 million people were infected by the coronavirus between December 1 and 20. As of now, the total number of Covid infections has reached 665 million globally while 6.69 million people have died, Asia Times reported.

On Wednesday, World Health Organisation (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus once again asked China for reliable data on Covid hospitalizations and deaths in the country.



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