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Afghanistan: 90 Pc Of Alasai District Residents Lack Access To Telecom Services

Kabul [Afghanistan]: Only 10 per cent of people in the Alasai district of Afghanistan’s Kapisa province have access to telecom services, a media report citing locals stated.

Zikrullah, a resident of the Skeen Dara area of Alasai district said that the people of his village were deprived of telecommunication services. He said they had to travel for a few hours to reach the district centre and make a phone call to a friend or relative.

“We don’t have telecommunication services in our village. Our people are in trouble,” said Fateh Mohammad, a resident of Shpa Dara area who had come to the district centre for shopping, The Frontier Post reported.

He said that he travelled a long distance to reach the district centre and talk to his brother in Iran on the phone.

Siddiqullah, another resident, complained that the problem of lack of telecom service remained unaddressed.

“People have access to telecommunication services in the centre only, which is also the effect of the towers in Tagab district of the province. The internet is not working properly in the district centre either,” he said.

The Frontier Post reported that the Kapisa Telecommunications Department also confirms that 90 per cent of the population in the district does not have access to telecommunications services.

However, Taliban is claiming that the issue would be resolved in near future.
Taliban seized power in Afghanistan in August 2021.



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