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Aligarh’s College joins Hijab Row; Bans Hijabi students from entering college

In the wake of ongoing Hijab row all over the country, now DS College in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh has debarred students wearing Hijab from entering the college. In a circular from the school authorities, the administration has clearly stated that no student is allowed to violate the uniform dress code in school by wearing anything which is not part of the uniform.

Confirming on the news, the Principal of the college, Dr Raj Kumar Verma, said, “We’ll not allow students to enter the campus with covered faces. Students are not allowed to wear a saffron stole or hijab inside college premises.”

Earlier, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath also supported the uniform dress code in schools and stated that the whole hijab row is perpetuated by Congress and Islamic fundamentalists who have a “Talibani Mind set.”

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Right now the matter of wearing a Hijab in educational institutes is sub judice under Karnataka High court and petitioner students are demanding the authorities to let them wear headscarves along with their school uniforms.



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