Anjum Sharma Shares Insights from Auditioning Journey to ‘Mirzapur’ Fame


Actor Anjum Sharma, renowned for his portrayal of Sharad Shukla in the hit series ‘Mirzapur,’ recently opened up about his career trajectory and the significant auditioning moments that shaped it. With anticipation mounting for the upcoming Season 3 of ‘Mirzapur,’ Sharma reflected on pivotal decisions and missed opportunities that ultimately led him to where he is today.

During the initial stages of his career, Sharma revealed that he had auditioned for a major role in ‘Inside Edge,’ a cricket-themed series produced by Excel Entertainment and streamed on Amazon Prime Video. Although he cherished the script and the potential role, he expressed a mix of disappointment and gratitude when the opportunity didn’t materialize. Reflecting on this setback, Sharma acknowledged it as a turning point that redirected his journey towards ‘Mirzapur.’

‘Mirzapur,’ another acclaimed series from the same collaborative team, offered Sharma a smaller role in its first season. However, the makers assured him that his character had the potential to evolve significantly if the show resonated with the audience. Trusting in the vision of the creators and his own destiny, Sharma seized the opportunity to be part of ‘Mirzapur,’ a decision that proved to be transformative as his character, Sharad Shukla, gained prominence by the second season.

Recalling the pivotal moment, Sharma shared, “When ‘Mirzapur’ came my way, I was informed that if the show received a second season, my role would expand. Now, it has evolved into a primary character.”

The recently released trailer of ‘Mirzapur’ Season 3 has already sparked immense excitement among fans. Known for his impactful dialogues and nuanced performance, Sharma’s portrayal of Sharad Shukla promises to bring new dimensions and twists to the forthcoming season.

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