Annu Kapoor Apologizes to Kangana Ranaut Following Controversial Remarks


In a recent turn of events, veteran actor Annu Kapoor issued a public apology to Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut following a controversial incident that arose from comments he made during a press conference. The controversy started when Kapoor, during a promotional event for his film “Hamare Baarah,” appeared to express unfamiliarity with Ranaut, which led to widespread media attention and a prompt response from Ranaut.

Taking to his social media platform X, Kapoor apologized to Ranaut, stating, “Dear Sister Kangana, I am extracting some meaning from the answers to the questions posed by the media, so I thought I should clarify some facts. Every woman is respectable and worthy to me, so I can never disrespect any woman. Not knowing the system or laws of any country can lead to mistakes and punishment, but not knowing a particular person, place, or thing is not an error or a crime.”

The apology was in response to Ranaut’s swift reaction to Kapoor’s earlier comments about societal attitudes towards successful women. During the press conference, Kapoor had remarked, “Yeh Kangana ji kaun hain? Please batao na kaun hain? Zaahir hai aap pooch rahe hain toh koi bahut badi heroine hongi? Sundar hain kya?” He further commented on how society perceives successful women, implying a bias against them.

Ranaut responded through her Instagram Stories, sharing a clip of Kapoor’s press conference and questioning, “Do you agree with Annu Kapoor ji that we tend to hate a successful woman, hate her more if she is beautiful and hate her even more passionately if she is powerful? Is it true?”

This controversy also comes on the heels of an incident at Chandigarh airport on June 6, where Ranaut was allegedly slapped by a CISF woman constable while preparing to board a flight to Delhi for a National Democratic Alliance (NDA) meeting. An FIR has been registered against the constable under IPC sections 321 and 341, though no arrests have been made yet.

The incident and subsequent reactions have sparked considerable discussion on social media and in the press, highlighting ongoing conversations about respect, success, and gender dynamics in the entertainment industry.

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