Another Afghan university professor who criticised Taliban goes missing


Kabul [Afghanistan]: An Afghan university professor and political analyst, Sayed Baqir Mohsini who had criticised the Taliban has gone missing since Friday afternoon.

According to Mohsini’s family, he and a relative of his were on their way to participate in a TV program in the capital city of Kabul on Friday afternoon when they disappeared, reported Tolo News. His relatives said that they have contacted several security departments but have yet to get a response.

“His (Mohsini) phones have been switched off since yesterday afternoon. We have looked for him today too but didn’t find anything,” said Sayed Ahmad Hashimi, a relative of Mohsini, reported Tolo News.

Citizens on social media are claiming that Mohsini has been detained by the Taliban, but no official has yet to make any official comment in this regard.

Sayed Baqir Mohsini is a university professor and a political analyst who appeared in many TV programs and expressed criticism toward the Taliban’s policies.

“The Islamic Emirate should have patience and flexibility. I hope they don’t disturb him more than this and release him soon,” said Sayed Ishaq Gailani, leader of the National Solidarity Movement of Afghanistan.

“Arbitrary detentions spread worries among the public… I don’t think these detentions will have positive consequences,” said Waheed Adalat Jow, head of Nuhzat-e-Bidari Islami Zanan Afghanistan. 


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