Assam: Local people in Bajali district take shelter on embankments amid heavy flood


Bajali (Assam) [India] : The flood situation in Assam has marginally improved but it has damaged homes and household items of various people leaving them to take shelter on embankments.

One of the locals identified as Gagan Talukdar said that he along with his four family members are now taking shelter on an embankment for the last five days after the devastating flood completely damaged his home and other household items.

Gagan is a resident of Doloigaon Shantipur village in Assam’s Bajali district. He said, “In the wee hours of June 23, I along with my family members were sleeping and at that time, the flood waters breached a big portion of the embankment. The flood waters immediately entered our house and I called my children and alerted other fellow villagers,” he said. “We immediately rushed to the embankment to save our lives and also asked other villagers. We weren’t able to get out my household items, and stuff. The flood waters washed away many household items and damaged my home. There was about 4 feet of water inside my home,” he added.

He also said that he is a daily wage labourer and his entire family is dependent upon him.
“I have no other option other than building a new house. I have no money. How we will live, we don’t know,” Gagan Talukdar said. He further said that from the government side, they received relief materials for 1-2 days and some other NGOs helped them. Not only Gagan Talukdar, the flood waters damaged the houses of 15 other families in the village and they are also currently living on the embankment.

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