Ayushmann Khurrana Drops ‘Reh Ja’ on World Music Day


In a special treat for his fans, actor and singer Ayushmann Khurrana has released a new song titled “Reh Ja” on World Music Day. Known for his multifaceted talent, Khurrana teased the song on his Instagram account on Friday, sharing a video of himself playing the guitar and singing a verse from his latest self-composed track. In the caption, he hinted at the creative process behind the song, writing, “Ek dhun aur kuch lafz aa gaye zehen mein.. (I thought of one rhythm and some words) should I finish the song?”

Khurrana elaborated on the significance of music in his life, stating, “If you split my heart into two, I guess music will take up one half as it is truly my reason to live and to create. It touches upon every relationship that I share with my family, friends, my passion, my work, my existence.” His deep connection with music inspired him to share this new song on such a fitting day.

The “Andhadhun” actor further revealed, “On World Music Day, I decided to tease people who love my music with my next song, which is a collaboration with Warner Music India, called ‘Reh Ja’.” Taking on the roles of both composer and songwriter for the first time in a long while, Khurrana hopes the song resonates with anyone who has ever experienced love or desires to love wholeheartedly. He described the song as having a sense of nostalgia and yearning.

This release marks Khurrana’s second collaboration with Warner Music India, following the success of their first project, “Akh Da Taara,” which came out earlier this year and was well-received by fans. The excitement is palpable as Ayushmann Khurrana and Warner Music India prepare to bring “Reh Ja” to audiences, promising another memorable musical experience.

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