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Court Awards Life Imprisonment To Man For Killing, Sexual Assault On Six-Year-Old Girl

New Delhi [India]: Delhi’s Rohini Court on Thursday awarded a life sentence to the person convicted for kidnapping, killing and sexual assault on a six-year-old girl.

This case was registered at Police Station Begampur in the year 2015.
Special judge (PCSO) Sunil Kumar sentenced the man identified as Ravinder Kumar to life imprisonment. The court pronounced the sentence after hearing the submissions of the prosecution and defence counsel.

The court has directed the DLSA to give compensation to the parents of the deceased.
The court said, “This court is of the view that a full and final compensation of the amount of Rs. 15,00,000/- be granted to the parents/LRs of deceased child.”

The State was represented by the Additional public prosecutor (APP) Vinit Dahiya. He sought maximum punishment for the convict Ravinder Kumar in view of the sensitivity and gravity of the offence.

The convict was represented by advocate Abhishek Shrivastava. He said that Ravinder was convicted of abduction, sexual assault and murder.

He was earlier also convicted in another matter. One matter is pending trial against him, the counsel said.

This matter pertains to a person who was allegedly involved in kidnapping, killing and sexual assault on around 30 minor kids between 2008 to 2015. His targets were kids aged 6 to 12 years.

Delhi police arrested Ravinder Kumar in 2015 from the outer Delhi Area. In this matter, an FIR was registered in the police station Begampur.

During the arguments on sentencing, Delhi Police sought maximum punishment for the convict.

Ravinder is native of Kasganj in Uttar Pradesh. He came to Delhi in search of a job at the age of 18 in 2008. After coming to Delhi he became addicted to drugs and used to see porn.

It was revealed during the investigation that he used to go out in search of kids after consuming drugs.

As per the police, he worked during the day and went to sleep in his jhuggi. After consuming the drugs, he went out of his jhuggi in search of kids.

It was also revealed during the investigation that sometime he walked around 40 kilometres in search of kids. He used to go near construction sites and slums. He made sure that he had not been watched.

He used to entice the kids by showing a rupee ten note or a chocolate and thereafter he take the child to an isolated place.

According to police Ravinder was arrested twice. Delhi police had arrested Ravinder for kidnapping, attempting to kill and sexual assault on a child.

It was alleged that after kidnapping the child, he threw the child in a septic tank.
In 2015, Begampur police were investigating the matter of Kidnapping, murder and sexual assault on a six-year-old girl child.

Delhi police had arrested him from the Sukhbeer Nagar Bus stand in the Rohini area. Police had analysed the CCTV footage of dozens of cameras.

It is also alleged that in 2008 Ravinder kidnapped a six-year-old girl from Kerala. After that, he allegedly raped and killed her. He could not be arrested in this case. Thereafter, he targeted the minor children in Delhi-NCR.



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