David Beckham Discusses Beekeeping with King Charles


David Beckham, the renowned soccer icon, recently had a beekeeping discussion with King Charles during their meeting at Highgrove Gardens in the Cotswolds, England. This encounter preceded Beckham’s appointment as ambassador for The King’s Foundation, CNN reported.

At Highgrove Gardens, Beckham not only interacted with King Charles but also met students from The King’s Foundation. These students participate in specialized workshops on-site, honing skills such as woodworking and embroidery.

Reflecting on the visit, Beckham expressed admiration for The King’s Foundation’s work, stating, “It was inspiring to hear from The King about the work of His Majesty’s Foundation during my recent visit to Highgrove Gardens – and compare beekeeping tips.”

Beckham’s passion for beekeeping is well-documented, with the 2023 Netflix documentary series “Beckham” showcasing his love for the activity, including scenes of him harvesting honey into an old jam jar.

As Beckham assumes his role with The King’s Foundation, he aims to raise awareness of the charity’s mission and impact.

Originally known as The Prince’s Foundation, The King’s Foundation emerged from the consolidation of several charitable projects initiated by Charles in 2018. The foundation focuses on providing holistic solutions to contemporary challenges and offers education and training programs spanning traditional arts, architecture, design, science, engineering, horticulture, wellbeing, and hospitality.

Despite its noble objectives, The King’s Foundation faced scrutiny due to a cash-for-honours scandal involving allegations against the then-chief executive, Michael Fawcett. However, a spokesperson for Charles asserted that the Prince of Wales had no prior knowledge of the alleged offers of honours or citizenship based on donations to his charities.

A spokesperson for Charles at the time maintained that “the Prince of Wales had no knowledge of the alleged offer of honours or British citizenship on the basis of a donation to his charities.”

Last year, London’s Metropolitan Police said no further action would be taken in its investigation, CNN reported.

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