Delhi: AIIMS takes proactive steps to address bed availability, patient comfort

New Delhi [India]: In line with its commitment to providing healthcare services to patients and attendants, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi announced a series of proactive measures to ensure the availability and efficient utilisation of Vishram Sadan beds. 

With over 1500 beds across various facilities, the institute offers comfortable accommodations with essential amenities such as hygiene, meals, and more as of now. 

However, sources suggest that approximately 50 per cent of these beds remain unoccupied, despite reports suggesting otherwise. 
In response to these observations, M Srinivas, AIIMS Director, undertook rounds of the surrounding areas and engaged with individuals reportedly lying in the open at night. 

The findings revealed that some were not active patients under treatment at AIIMS but rather individuals allegedly taking advantage of free food donations and overnight accommodations. 

To address this issue, AIIMS New Delhi is implementing measures, including appropriate signage highlighting the availability of Vishram Sadans to be displayed at key locations. Patients and attendants will be actively guided to these accommodations. 

A real-time dashboard displaying the availability of Vishram Sadan beds will be operational by February 29, 2024. This dashboard will capture data on specialty-wise occupancy to aid in planning additional facilities nationwide, as per officials. 

Also, entry into Vishram Sadans will be restricted to patients, and bed recommendations must come from the clinical team treating the patient with identification based on ABHA ID, AADHAR Number, or UHID. 
Further, the entry and exit points of all Vishram Sadans will be under CCTV surveillance. A nightly physical verification will ensure that occupancy matches records, with footage preserved for at least 3 years, the sources said. 

The frequency of the electric shuttle service to Vishram Sadans nearest to respective campuses will be increased for the convenience of patients and attendants. 

In addition, AIIMS is actively working on the construction of a new mega Vishram Sadan with approximately 2000 beds at the Ansari Nagar West Campus, with National Buildings Construction Corporation Limited (NBCC) leading the project. 

Requests have been sent to governors and chief ministers of neighboring states for land allocation under CSR for additional Vishram Sadans, and faculty are encouraged to promote CSR contributions for construction when land is allocated, the officials said. 

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