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Delhi: Case Registered Against Mother For Tying 5-year-old On Rooftop

New Delhi [India: The Delhi police registered a case against a mother, who punished her 5-year old daughter by allegedly tying her hands and legs with a rope and abandoning her on the roof of a house under the scorching heat of the sun.

The incident took place in Tukhmirpur in Delhi’s Karawal Nagar. The police have registered a case under Section 75 of the Juvenile Justice Act (Punishment for cruelty to child) at the Khajurikhas police station.

After the video went viral, the Delhi police registered an FIR in the police station and initiated action against the mother of the girl. The girl is a student of Class 1.

The mother was identified as Sapna while the father was identified as Raj Kumar.

Speaking on the matter, the kid’s uncle Sunil said, “The mother of the girl tied her hands and legs and made her sit on the rooftop in the scorching sun irked by her not doing the homework. She kept lying in the sun for a long time time. When the rest of the family members came to know about it, they brought her down.”

Elaborating the angry nature of the kid’s mother, he said that she beats her kids on every small issue.

“Her mother is a person with angry nature. She beats her kids on every small issue. If somebody from the family tries to meddle in between, she says that it is their kids and only she has rights over them. She was not like this before, she has become like this in the past two to three years,” Sunil said.

The kid’s aunt Pooja said that the mother of the girl has a habit of picking up a row with other members of the family.

“She argues over small things with the other members of the family as well. She not only behaves like this with her daughter but also with her 6-year-old son. If we try to stop her, she beats them even further. So we have left telling her anything,” she said.

Pradeep, who lives in the neighbourhood said that the crying sound of kids is often heard at their home.

“Everybody in the area knows that she beats her kids a lot. She had once made her son stand naked in the winter in the lane. The neighbours had offered clothes to the kid thereafter,” he said.

The Indian Constitution has several laws for preventing children from physical and mental torture by the teachers, mentors and guardians.

Corporal punishment abuses and hampers the child’s Right To Freedom and Dignity, hence Article 21 of the Constitution protects the Right To Life and Dignity of any individual including the Right To Education of children upto the age of 14 years.



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