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Delhi Heatwave: RML Hospital Implements Special Measures for Heatstroke Patients


As Delhi faces a heatwave, special arrangements have been implemented at RML Hospital to effectively treat heatstroke patients. Dr. Seema Balkrishna Wasnik, Head of Emergency Medicine at RML, discussed the urgency and critical care measures in place, stating that inflatable tubs filled with ice have been set up for heatstroke patients arriving at the hospital.

Dr. Wasnik said, “At RML hospital, if any patient (of heat stroke) comes in critical situation he is taken to the red zone, intubated, we have inflatable tubs. We can still put the patient on a ventilator and also in the bathtub filled with ice and cold water and bring down the temperature simultaneously.”

Emphasizing the importance of prompt treatment, she stated, “The treatment of heatstroke should be started as soon as possible; otherwise, the mortality goes up to 80 percent and if we manage the patient early, the mortality can go as down as 10 percent.”

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) reported that temperatures exceeded 45 degrees Celsius at 41 locations across the country on May 30. In Delhi, Safdarjung recorded 45.6°C, Palam 46.4°C, Ridge 46.7°C, and Ayanagar reached 47.0°C.

The IMD stated on Wednesday that the heatwave to severe heatwave conditions prevailing over Northwest and Central India are likely to gradually reduce from May 30. It also noted that hot and humid weather is very likely to prevail over isolated parts of Konkan and Goa on May 30 and 31.

The maximum temperatures were markedly above normal at a few places in Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, and Delhi on May 28, according to IMD data.

Earlier, the IMD clarified that the maximum temperature of over 52 degrees Celsius recorded in Delhi on Wednesday was an “error in sensor or local factor.” In an official release, the IMD stated that it is examining the data and sensors.

“The maximum temperature over Delhi NCR varied from 45.2 degrees Celsius to 49.1 degrees Celsius in different parts of city, Mungeshpur reported 52.9 degrees Celsius as an outlier compared to other stations. It could be due to an error in the sensor or the local factor. IMD is examining the data and sensors,” the release said.

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