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Devotees Gather At Mumbai’s Siddhivinayak Temple On New Year


Mumbai (Maharashtra): Devotees gathered at Mumbai’s iconic Siddhivinayak Temple to watch the morning aarti on Sunday, the first day of the new year.

Located in Prabhadevi area, Siddhivinayak Temple owns a special place among Mumbaikars. People thronged at the temple to start the year 2023 with the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Meanwhile, on the first day of the New Year, devotees also flocked to Ujjain’s Mahakaleshwar Temple to get a glimpse of morning aarti on Sunday.

‘Bhasma aarti’ of Lord Shiva was performed in the early morning hours at the Mahakaleshwar Temple.

Mahakaleshwar’s Bhasma Aarti is believed as the most special, as it is the only ‘Jyotirling’ amongst the 12 where the Bhasma is applied on the ‘Shivling’.

Hence, it is one of the reasons why people from all across the world come to attend it, according to the Mahakaleshwar priest.



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