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DGCA Issues Show Cause Notice To Air India Over Urinating Incident


New Delhi [India]: The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Thursday issued Show Cause notices to Air India, crew members and pilots of the New York-Delhi flight in connection with the urination incident onboard on November 26 last year.

In a statement, DGCA said, “A show cause notice has been issued to the Accountable Manager of Air India, the Director of in-flight Services of Air India, all the pilots and cabin crew members of that flight as to why enforcement action should not be taken against them for dereliction of their regulatory obligations.”

The incident of passenger misbehaviour which occurred on AI-102 flight on November 26, 2022, from New York to New Delhi, came to the notice of DGCA on Wednesday wherein a male passenger conducted himself in a disorderly manner and allegedly relieved himself on a female passenger.

“For fact-finding, DGCA sought the details of the incident from Air India and on the basis of the reply of the airline, prima facie it emerges that provisions related to the handling of an unruly passenger on board have not been complied with,” the DGCA said.

The DGCA said that the conduct of the concerned airline appears to be unprofessional and has led to a systemic failure.

“Prima facie it lacks appreciation of regulatory obligations as described in applicable Aircraft Rules 1937, Civil Aviation Requirements on ‘Handling of Unruly Passengers’, Cabin Safety Circular, Air India Operations Manual, Air India Safety and Emergency Procedure Manual and Air India Quick Reference Handbook and is devoid of empathy,” it reads.

However, to meet the ends of justice, they have been given two weeks’ time to submit their reply to DGCA and based on that further action will be taken.



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