Dive into ‘Jaws’: Nat Geo’s 50th Anniversary Documentary


In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Steven Spielberg’s iconic thriller, National Geographic, in collaboration with Amblin Entertainment, is set to release a comprehensive documentary titled ‘Jaws @ 50’ (working title). Scheduled for summer 2025, this documentary will delve into the tumultuous production history of ‘Jaws’ and the literary origins of Peter Benchley’s bestselling novel that inspired the film.

Directed by Laurent Bouzereau, known for his insightful documentaries on Hollywood figures like Faye Dunaway and Natalie Wood, ‘Jaws @ 50’ promises an in-depth exploration of how ‘Jaws’ shaped both cinema and popular literature. The documentary will be available on National Geographic channels and streaming platforms Disney+ and Hulu, ensuring wide accessibility for fans and cinephiles alike.

According to Deadline, the documentary will feature exclusive footage and archival materials from the personal collections of Peter Benchley and Steven Spielberg. It aims to provide viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at the challenges Spielberg faced as a young director, grappling with technical mishaps and adverse weather conditions during the filming process. Spielberg himself reflected on the arduous journey of creating ‘Jaws’ in an excerpt from Bouzereau’s book ‘Spielberg: The First Ten Years’, where he described the experience as a “living nightmare.”

Wendy Benchley, ocean conservationist and wife of Peter Benchley, will collaborate closely on the project. The documentary not only aims to celebrate the cultural impact of ‘Jaws’ but also to foster a deeper understanding of sharks and ocean conservation, topics close to the heart of the Benchley family. Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey of Amblin Entertainment expressed their enthusiasm, highlighting the documentary’s dual focus on art and science. They remarked, “The idea of diving into the past, present, and future legacy of ‘Jaws’, combined with an informed and inspiring discussion about sharks and the ocean, is a unique opportunity to explore the perfect union between art and science.”

Produced by Laura A. Bowling alongside Benchley and executive produced by Darryl Frank, Justin Falvey, Laurent Bouzereau, Markus Keith, and Ted Duvall of National Geographic, ‘Jaws @ 50’ will not only revisit the making of the film but also examine its broader cultural impact. ‘Jaws’ not only spawned sequels but also influenced generations of filmmakers and ignited public fascination with sharks.

This retrospective documentary promises to be a compelling celebration of the enduring legacy of ‘Jaws,’ offering a unique blend of cinematic history and oceanic awareness.

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