Doha: Indian Mango Festival Kicks Off with Enthusiasm at Souq Waqif


The Indian Mango Festival, also known as Indian Hamba, kicked off with great enthusiasm at Souq Waqif, Doha, attracting a substantial number of mango enthusiasts.

The event was inaugurated in the presence of distinguished guests, including Ibrahim Fakhroo, Chief of Protocol at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Nasser Rashid Al Naimi, Managing Director of the Public Establishment for Organising Exhibitions and Conferences. Ambassador Vipul and several other Qatari dignitaries also graced the occasion.

The Embassy of India in Doha, Qatar, expressed delight at the turnout, highlighting the significant interest shown by attendees in the diverse range of mango varieties on display. As mango aficionados flocked to the festival grounds, the vibrant atmosphere reflected the shared appreciation for this tropical fruit.

“Indian Mango Festival (Indian Hamba) inaugurated at Souq Waqif. Chief of Protocol, MOFA, Ibrahim Fakhroo, MD, PEO, Nasser Rashid Al Naimi, Ambassador Vipul & several Ambassadors & Qatari dignitaries were present. Event is drawing mango enthusiasts in good numbers,” said the Embassy of India Doha, Qatar.

Throughout the festival, visitors had the opportunity to indulge in a sensory journey through the flavors and aromas of Indian mangoes, renowned for their sweetness and richness. From traditional favorites to exotic cultivars, the festival showcased the versatility and cultural significance of mangoes in Indian cuisine and beyond.

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