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Downfall of Radio Industry in Afghanistan with rise of Taliban


The recent political transition in Afghanistan with the fall of the republican government has had a significant impact on the radio sector of the Afghan media.

As the United Nations commemorated World Radio Day on February 13, Afghanistan is in mourning, as 86 radio stations have shut down in the six months since the Taliban assumed control of the country.

“Radio Jahan has halted broadcasting for more than six months due to severe economic challenges,” said Mosawar Rasikh, head of Radio Jahan.

According to Tolo News, over 300 different types of media organisations have been shut down since the Taliban surged to power in August. Media watchdog organisations indicated that financial and political difficulties are the primary causes of the Afghan media’s downfall.

In 1926, during the reign of former Afghan King Amanullah Khan, Afghanistan’s first radio station was established. Radio Kabul was the first radio station to broadcast in Kabul.

Hojatullah Mujadidi, the head of the Afghan Independent Journalist Association states that the study reveals that unless the international community provides financial assistance to the media, many of these radio stations may disappear over the next six months.



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