Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia condemn Israel’s strikes in Jabaliya


Tel Aviv [Israel]: The foreign ministries of Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia have condemned Israel’s strikes in Jabaliya in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, in which Hamas, in an unverified claim, said some 50 Palestinians were killed, The Times of Israel reported.

The statement of three nations comes after the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) said that it has killed the commander of Hamas’s Central Jabaliya Battalion, Ibrahim Biari, in a strike on the Jabalya refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, CNN reported.

Egypt has called the airstrikes “inhumane” and a “blatant violation of international law.” It warned of the consequences of “indiscriminate attacks on civilians in and around hospitals, where they seek refuge.” Furthermore, Egypt urged the international community to intervene to stop Israeli attacks and to provide humanitarian aid to the residents of Gaza.

Jordan in the “strongest terms,” condemned the Israeli attack. It condemned the ongoing escalation in the West Bank and settlers’ violence against Palestinians, according to The Times of Israel reported.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia expressed its “complete rejection” of the Israeli Forces’ repeated “targeting of sites crowded with civilians,” according to The Times of Israel report.

The IDF said the strikes targeted Hamas operatives and infrastructure belonging to the terror group’s Central Jabaliya Battalion, The Times of Israel reported. It said that the collapse of underground terror tunnels damaged some nearby buildings. According to IDF, “numerous” terrorists were killed, including a top Hamas commander.

In a statement, the IDF said, “A short while ago, IDF fighter jets, acting on ISA intelligence, killed Ibrahim Biari, the Commander of Hamas’ Central Jabaliya Battalion. Biari was one of the leaders responsible for sending ‘Nukbha’ terrorist operatives to Israel to carry out the murderous terror attack on October 7th. Numerous Hamas terrorists were hit in the strike,” according to CNN report.

The IDF said Ibrahim Biari oversaw all military operations in the northern Gaza Strip since it started its ground operation. He was also involved in multiple attacks on Israel going back decades. The IDF said it had carried out a wide-scale strike on terrorists and terror infrastructure belonging to the Central Jabalya Battalion, according to CNN report.

On X, the IDF said, “Over the past day, IDF troops operated in a Hamas terrorist stronghold in Jabaliya, northern Gaza. The stronghold was used for training and execution of terrorism activities. During the ground activity, the troops eliminated approximately 50 terrorists, as well as destroyed entrances to terrorist tunnels and weapons.”

In another post shared on X, the IDF said, “Fighter jets of the Air Force, under the intelligence guidance of the Shin Bet, recently killed Ibrahim Biari, the commander of the center Jabaliya battalion of the Hamas terrorist organization, who was one of the leaders of the murderous terrorist attack on October 7. Many Hamas terrorists were also injured in the attack.”

It further said, “Since the entry of IDF forces into the Gaza Strip, Ibrahim Biari has been in charge of all fighting in the northern Gaza Strip. Biari was involved in dispatching the terrorists in the Ashdod port attack in 2004, in which 13 Israelis were murdered, was responsible for directing rocket fire at Israel for two decades and promoting many attacks against our forces.”

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