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Exquisite Handicrafts PM Modi Presented To Counterparts At G-7 Summit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi departed for UAE after attending the G7 Summit in Germany today. Before leaving he showered his counterparts with exquisite traditional Indian Handicrafts.

PM Modi gifted Black Pottery pieces from Nizamabad, UP to Japan PM Fumio Kishida. The Pottery uses a special technique to bring out black colours- The pottery inside is an oven that is airtight so heat level remains high.

The PM gifted Lacquerware Ram Durbar from Varanasi, UP to Indonesia President Joko Widodo. The wooden statues of gods, goddesses and sacred animals served as coveted souvenirs taken back by pilgrims. This particular piece is made on Goolar (Botanical name: Ficus Racemosa) wood.

He gifted an Indian hand knitted silk carpet from Kashmir to Canada PM Justin Trudeau. The hand knitted silk carpets are famous all over the world for their softness. A Kashmiri Silk carpet is known for its beauty, perfectness, lushness, luxury & dedicated craftsmanship.

PM Modi gifted Dokra Art with Ramayana theme from Chattisgarh to South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa. Dokra Art handicraft technique is non–ferrous metal casting art using the lost-wax casting technique. This sort of metal casting has been used in India for over 4,000 years and is still used.

He gifted Nandi-themed Dokra Art from Chattisgarh to Argentina’s President Alberto Fernández This particular art-piece is a figure of ‘Nandi –The Meditative Bull’. According to Hindu mythology Nandi is considered as the vehicle (mount) of Lord Shiva, the lord of destruction.

PM gifted Gulabi Meenakari brooch and cufflink set from Varanasi, UP to US President Joe Biden These cufflinks were prepared for the President with a matching brooch for the First Lady. Gulabi Meenakari is a GI-tagged art form.

PM Modi gifted Platinum painted hand painted Tea Set from Bulandhshahr, UP to UK PM Boris Johnson. The crockery is outlined with platinum metal paint in honour of Queen’s platinum jubilee being celebrated this year. Embossed outlines are laid on manually with Mehndi cone work.

In UAE, PM Modi will pay his condolences on the passing away of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, former UAE President & Abu Dhabi Ruler.



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