Gracie Abrams Finally Releases Long-Awaited Song ‘Close to You’


American singer-songwriter Gracie Abrams has finally released her highly anticipated song ‘Close to You,’ thrilling fans who have been eagerly waiting for seven years. The 24-year-old artist announced the release on her social media, reported People.

Abrams first teased ‘Close to You’ when she was just 16. In an Instagram post announcing the song’s release, she expressed gratitude to her fans for their unwavering interest, saying, “Despite having written the song so long ago, you cared about it enough for us to revisit the song seven years later.”

Following the song’s release, Abrams took to her Instagram Stories to share her excitement, writing, “hiiiii Close To Youuuuuu hi after seven years hellooooooo :).” Fans, overjoyed by the long-awaited release, flooded the comment section with celebratory messages. “Real ones have known this gem for years,” one fan commented on YouTube. Another added, “This one is for the girls that have been waiting 7 years for this moment,” while another simply exclaimed, “WAITED YEARS FOR THIS FINALLY.”

Abrams’ journey with ‘Close to You’ began in 2017 when she posted a video of herself performing the song on the piano on Instagram, followed by a demo preview in 2018. The song quickly became a fan favorite, sparking an online petition for its official release.

In 2022, Abrams reignited hope among her followers during a concert. “I definitely love it, but the album I’m working on right now doesn’t sound like ‘Close to You,'” she told fans, as seen in a TikTok clip. “Maybe we find a one-off situation where we can get it out there.”

On May 9, Abrams finally announced that the track would be available on vinyl. A few days later, ‘Close to You’ was listed as a “P.S.” track on the tracklist of her upcoming sophomore album, The Secret of Us.

To promote her new album, Abrams is set to embark on a U.S. tour, with singer-songwriter Role Model as the opener. Additionally, she will rejoin Taylor Swift for another North American leg of the “Eras Tour” in October, after previously opening for Swift throughout the spring and summer of 2023, reported People.

With the release of ‘Close to You,’ Gracie Abrams has not only fulfilled a long-standing promise to her fans but also set the stage for an exciting new chapter in her musical career.

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