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Hijab row: 27 students stopped from attending college in Karnataka

On Thursday, 28 female students in Bhandarkar’s arts and science college at Kundapur in Udupi (Karnataka) were stopped from entering college because of their Hijab.

College administration cited the government orders which they received on restricting students from practising any kind of religious practice in an educational institute. They claimed that the hijab is not part of any uniform which is why these students were denied entry.

The students can be seen pleading with the administration to let them in and not ruin their future.

A few days back another school in Karnatak barred their six hijab-wearing students from school. After which the students filed a petition in Karnataka High court citing it violates their fundamental rights.

On this whole situation, state home minister Araga Jnanendra said, “students weren’t allowed to wear either hijab or saffron shawls to college. No one should come to college to practise their religion a college is a place where all students should learn together with a feeling of oneness.” (Reported by Times of India).

State education minister BC Nagesh said, “niqab, burqa, hijab, saffron or green shawls are prohibited in classrooms and wearing the stipulated uniform is compulsory.” He specified that the college administration is following government guidelines.

However, students and parents are disappointed and feel that they are being wronged just because of their religious identity. One of the petitioners said, “It is part of religious and social culture and wearing it does not come in the way of college discipline and education.

The National Human Rights Commission has asked the college administration to seek a report on students in hijab being stopped at the college gate.

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor took on Twitter to support these students.

Meanwhile, the Karnataka High court will hear the plea of these six students on Hijab row on Tuesday.



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