I Feel I Am About To Get Justice: Murdered Shraddha Walker’s Father

Delhi Police records statement of Shraddha's friend
Delhi Police records statement of Shraddha's friend

New Delhi [India]: A sad and visibly shaken Vikas Madan Walker, father of murdered Shraddha Walker, on Thursday, reposed faith in the investigation led by Delhi Police.

He said that he had forbidden his daughter Shraddha from staying in a relationship with Aftab Poonawalla (accused), however, she did not listen to him.

Walker further elaborated and said that Shraddha considered Aftab the right man for her, which is why she did not listen to his advice of not being in a relationship with him.

Speaking on the matter the deceased’s father said that he is confident of getting justice after Delhi Police resolve to take the case to its natural conclusion.

“Delhi Police realised that Aftab sometimes lies and sometimes speaks the truth. So, they applied for the Narco test. I feel I’m about to get justice. He should be hanged,” he said.

He said that he felt that Aftab has been lying all along the investigation, while also doubting why the accused confessed to his crime right away.

“I have been feeling since the beginning that Aftab has been lying all along. I said this firstly to Mumbai Police and then to Delhi Police. He confessed right away, I doubted even this. He was confusing us with his lies. I told the Mumbai Police repeatedly but I don’t know why did they believe that he was telling the truth. Mumbai Police was working according to him. I could not argue much. It is their system,” he said.

The father is also doubtful of the final evidence that may be discovered, as he believes, Aftab had ample time to erase all traces of his daughter.

“He has a vicious mind which has erased all the evidence in 5-6 months. So, the police will have a problem bringing out the truth. I did not think initially that Aftab could do something like this. However, I had still forbidden Shraddha from having any relationship with him, but she did not listen to me. She considered Aftab right,” he said.

“I will not rest until he is hanged,” the father added.

Meanwhile, the Delhi Police has come across a fresh lead in the investigation of the Shraddha Walker murder case, in which they have found a pending water bill in accused Aftab Poonawalla’s flat, given the circumstances that 20,000 litres of water in Delhi is provided free by the government, according to the sources.

The Delhi Police will present the accused before Saket Court today and seek his further custody.


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