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‘If students can wear Turban then why not Hijab?’ asks Siddaramaiah

Former Chief Minister of Karnataka and Congress leader alleged that the whole Hijab controversy is orchestrated by the Bharatiya Janata Party deliberately to deprive Muslim girls of education.

While raising questions on the intention of the Karnataka government, he asked what was the need to enforce the uniform code in the middle of the session. “The code of uniform should have been prescribed at beginning of the session. Hijab ban in educational institutions in the month of January-February is deliberate and intentional. It’s a conspiracy by the BJP to prevent Muslim girls from getting an education. It is at the instance of RSS that the development committee is prescribing the dress code under the chairmanship of Raghupati Bhatt,” said Siddaramaiah.

Further, emphasizing the secular nature of the country he asked, “What is the harm to other students if somebody wears in hijab or turban to class? if students wear cross, what is the harm to other students?”

Accusing the Karnataka government of creating unnecessary drama Siddaramaiah claimed that Muslim girls have been wearing Hijab for a long time and this never disrupted any peace or harmony in the state.

Meanwhile, Siddaramaiah also condemned KS Eshwarappa’s controversial comment about replacing the national flag with a saffron one.”



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