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‘India suffering from AA Variant (Adani, Ambani variant)’: Rahul Attacks govt in Parliament

After the Presidential address and budget, yesterday Rahul Gandhi got the opportunity to start the first parliamentary debate of this session. From the opposition’s side, Gandhi attacked the government on budget, policies, unemployment, security issues etc.

The congress leader in his speech accused the Prime Minister of being a “King,” which was thrown away by the Congress in 1947. He said, “the idea of a king has come back which Congress removed in 1947. Now there is a Shehanshah who doesn’t listen.”

Further talking about unemployment and job losses, Gandhi gave the example of students protesting on Railway exams and ridiculed ‘make in India’ claims. While speaking he said, “you keep talking about made in India, but it is not possible anymore. You need to support small and medium industries, otherwise ‘made in India is not possible. Small and medium industries are the only ones who can create jobs but you have destroyed them.”

“We had taken 27 crore, people, out of poverty. You have thrown 23 crores, people, back into poverty,” he alleged.

On lines of unemployment, Gandhi attacked the government, saying the country is infected by the “AA variant” (Adani Ambani Variant). “here are now two Indias – one for the poor and one for the rich. One is for the extremely rich people – for those who have immense wealth, immense power, for those who don’t need a job, those who don’t need water connection, electricity connections, but for those who control the heartbeat of the country, the gap is widening between the two,” he claimed.

While talking about foreign policy, Gandhi said, we had one job of keeping China and Pakistan away, but now they are closer than ever, all thanks to this government. He claimed that China has a plan and we should not underestimate it as we have already seen the example of Doklam. He also pointed out how the country has spoiled the relations with its neighbours as the government couldn’t get any guests for Republic Day.

Surrounding the government on the recent Pegasus uproar he said, “judiciary, election commission, pegasus are being used as a tool of ‘destroying voice of states.”

Meanwhile, the ruling party has dismissed Gandhi’s claims and called them the be “childish and uninformed.”



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